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Holidays Act Deep Dive - Provision, Portion & Payment

Holidays Act Deep Dive - Provision, Portion & Payment

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Holidays Act Deep Dive - Provision, Portion & Payment

Join us for a series of short pre-recorded webinars that expand on our recent Untangling Holidays Act Compliance webinar with Chartered Accountants ANZ.

In the original webinar we explained the main Holidays Act compliance issues in New Zealand, the scale of the problem and how to account for leave.

We also introduced the three key steps to providing an employee’s entitlement to, and payment, for annual holidays (or, as we like to call them, the 3 P’s):

  • Step 1: Provision of the entitlement

  • Step 2: Determining the portion of entitlement taken

  • Step 3: Payment for annual holidays taken

This new webinar series looks at each of those steps in more detail, with a range of real life examples. The webinars are approximately 15 minutes each and delivered as on-demand videos, for you to watch at your leisure.

Register now to expand your knowledge of payroll and holidays and move forward confident that you can advise your clients how to pay employees right.

About PayHero

PayHero is perfect for Kiwi companies that want stress free and compliant online payroll. Especially those with part time and mobile workforces, who face unique challenges tracking employee time accurately and calculating the right holiday entitlements for their staff.

PayHero streamlines the employee timesheet process with online, mobile, GPS or clock in/out options delivering accurate employee hours straight into payroll.

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