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Starts from $40 (includes 20 payslips)


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Dignity - Social Enterprise

“With PayHero, our payroll is now as easy as 3 clicks! It’s all integrated with IRD, Xero, and employee timesheets, so it’s incredibly quick and easy.”

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Brazen Clothing - Manufacturing

“I love the fact that it’s all online. These days I head home and do the wages with a glass of wine after dinner. The whole thing takes less than 15 minutes.”

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Organise your business into groups of employees and assign managers to oversee timesheets, expenses, leave and the photo time clock.

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Frequently asked questions

Q. What types of payments do you accept?

A. We accept Visa & MasterCard or direct debit payments. You can find out more about subscriptions in PayHero by visiting this support article.

Q. Do I need to arrange a bank Letter of Credit?

A. No. FlexiTime will never take money out of your account so we don’t require a letter of credit. We provide you with the bank files you need to pay your employees and the IRD.

Q. How can I get add-ons on my account?

A. All add-ons for PayHero can be added to your account by Administrator users when they are logged into the system.

Q. How does the PayHero pricing work?

A. PayHero costs $2 /payslip. An easy way to calculate the number of payslips you’ll create each month is by multiplying the number of employees you have and the number of pay cycles in the month.

There is a minimum $40 monthly charge for all PayHero accounts. This includes the first 20 payslips. If you create fewer than 20 payslips your invoice for the month will be $40.

Q. Am I locked in?

A. No. PayHero is a pay-as-you-go service. There are no long term contracts or commitments on your part. You can cancel your account at any time from your account settings. If you cancel your account part way through the month, you’ll just need to pay for the number of payslips you created in that month - there are no cancellation or penalty payments.

Q. Does FlexiTime support payday filing?

A. Yes, FlexiTime was the first payroll provider to launch payday filing in April 2018. It’s a zero touch, fully automated process and available now for all FlexiTime customers in PayHero.

Q. How does the free trial work?

A. We provide a 14-day free trial for PayHero. The trial gives you complete system access with no feature restrictions. You can choose to subscribe any time during or after the trial. All employee and pay information entered during the trial will be retained.

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