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Switch from MYOB to FlexiTime Payroll

It’s easier than ever to kick your old MYOB desktop payroll system to the kerb and move to FlexiTime Payroll’s state of the art online payroll software. You can be up and running in the cloud in minutes.

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How to convert from MYOB desktop to FlexiTime Payroll

To save you time we can load your MYOB employee and pay data into FlexiTime Payroll for free. It couldn’t be easier.

To ensure your conversion goes smoothly we highly recommend reading our Converting from MYOB Payroll information before starting.

Step 1:

Register for a 30 day free trial of FlexiTime Payroll

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Step 2:

Create an up-to-date backup file in MYOB

Step 3:

Send the backup file and your FlexiTime company abbreviation to support@flexitime.co.nz and we’ll transfer the data into your new FlexiTime account. In most cases we can do this within 48 hours.


Why switch to FlexiTime?

FlexiTime is advanced online payroll with a range of features that make payday a breeze.

Employee Access

Give your employees access to enter timesheets, review payslips and request leave. Fully transparent holiday and leave balances make it fair for everyone.

Powerful Xero Integration

Automatically send your payroll transactions to Xero to balance your books. Assign wage costs to different account codes or tracking categories.

NZ Owned & Operated

We're a proudly Kiwi company (we sometimes even wear jandals to work). When you contact us by phone or email, you'll talk to someone in Wellington. Sweet!

Integrated Time & Attendance

Manage rostering, time tracking and payroll in a single system. No data entry, more accurate payroll and more time to spend on other things.

Mobile Apps to Record Staff Time

Employees can enter their hours on the go from their mobile devices with FlexiTime Mobile.

Hassle-free Leave Management

Leave Requests provide employees and managers with all the info they need to request and approve leave online.

Safe & Secure

With FlexiTime payroll software your data is safely stored and backed up every night (via bank-level security).

Free & Automatic Updates

FlexiTime is always up to date with the latest legislation so you’ll never need to pay for or load another software update.

Expert Customer Care

Our team of payroll specialists have years of experience and will help you navigate the ins and outs of complex NZ payroll requirements.