Save thousands on your wages

Rosters, Timesheets, Photo Time Clock & Payroll in one easy online tool

Create your roster

Build your weekly roster from saved templates. Email staff members their shifts.

Clock in and out

Capture exact time worked with the FlexiTime's Photo Time Clock.

Pay your staff

Create a pay in minutes from online timesheets and email payslips to staff.

Photo Time Clock

Record exact clock in and clock out times for fast, accurate payroll.


Employees clock in and out of shifts with a selfie on a wall mounted iPad or Tablet. You get accurate timesheets and payroll savings.

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You’ll be in good company…

Top 10 reasons why hospo businesses love FlexiTime:

1. It all adds up

No more rounding to the nearest 15 minutes or having a drink while still on the clock. On average our hospo customers save 8 minutes per employee per shift – or over $600 a year for each full time employee earning $18/hour.

2. Saves you hours of admin time

No more Excel rosters, paper timesheets or data entry. Time clock entries show up automatically in FlexiTime, ready for processing payroll in just a few clicks.

3. Works the way your business does

Easily set up different departments – such as bar, kitchen, front of house – for rostering and payroll. Give managers access to create rosters by department.

4. Smart rostering

Build your weekly roster and email individual shifts to your staff members. Colour code different departments to easily see that you’ve got all positions covered each day. Drag and drop shifts when they need changing.

5. Easy set up

Grab an iPad or Android tablet and download FlexiTime’s photo time clock app and you’re ready to go. No huge setup costs or annual maintenance fees like with fingerprint scanners or card based systems.

6. Insight into finances and staffing

Compare weekly wage costs with estimated revenue, ensuring you never go over budget. Ensure you have the right number of staff rostered on at busy and quiet periods with our headcount report.

7. Free support

Our friendly Wellington-based support team are available by free phone or email to help you out whenever you need it.

8. Automated public holidays

Forget the pain of manual public holiday calculations. FlexiTime determines whether a public holiday is an otherwise working day for an employee and calculates their entitlements accordingly.

9. Try before you buy

With a fully featured free 30 day trial, you can take FlexiTime for a risk-free test run before committing.

10. FlexiTime  Hospitality

Bridget Dunn, Prefab

Bridget Dunn, Prefab

Customer Story

“Thanks to FlexiTime’s photo time clock, the amount we’re saving on wages more than pays for our monthly FlexiTime bill.”

Prefab's Story