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Accurate, compliant, deeply integrated payroll and invoicing

Share candidate data, timesheets, leave and expenses between Invoxy and your payroll software.

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Invoxy Integration | Payroll Features | PayHero

Streamline your payroll and billing

Single sign on two-way payroll integration for New Zealand recruitment agencies.

Take your compliance seriously

PayHero stores annual leave in weeks and reviews recent work patterns to ensure you’re fully compliant with the New Zealand Holidays Act.

A beautiful candidate experience

Your candidates can manage time, expenses, leave and pay through a single modern online portal and mobile app.

Easily create & send payslips and BCIs

Payslips and buyer created invoices generated in PayHero can be viewed and downloaded by your contractors and temps through the Invoxy portal.

Invoxy Integration | PayHero

No more double entry

When you place a candidate in a role their employee details will automatically flow through to payroll.

Integrated leave management

Temps and other non-contractors can view leave balances and request leave from inside Invoxy.

Manage leave approvals, your way

Set up leave approvals for temp workers by your payroll team or the consultants who placed them.

How the integration works

Payroll in Invoxy just got a whole lot easier for New Zealand recruitment agencies.

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Super easy payroll & billing
Streamline your back office with PayHero and Invoxy.