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The slickest contingent workforce billing solution in NZ

The tight Invoxy plus FlexiTime integration makes timesheet management, billing and payroll easy for companies with temporary staff.

Invoxy and FlexiTime Integration

How does the integration work?

  • Timesheets, client approvals, contractor onboarding and invoicing are all managed in Invoxy.
  • Send approved timesheets and pay rates to FlexiTime for tax calculations and PAYE filing.
  • Payslips from FlexiTime can be accessed by employees via their Invoxy login.
  • Everything automatically flows into Xero. Invoxy creates draft AR invoices and FlexiTime creates draft AP invoices so reconciliation is quick and easy.
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What is FlexiTime?


FlexiTime is online payroll software for New Zealand businesses. Easily pay your contractors and temporary staff and automatically send the payroll transactions through to Xero.


  • FlexiTime is an Inland Revenue approved payroll intermediary and is fully compliant with tax and holiday legislation.
  • Powerful cloud payroll with great mobile apps makes pay day quick and easy, even when you’re away from the office.
  • FlexiTime automatically calculates pay and holidays from online timesheets and work patterns.


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What is Invoxy?


Invoxy is invoicing and timesheet management software for the contingent workforce.


  • Quickly generate detailed and customised client invoices from the hours entered by your employees online.
  • Clients can approve timesheet entries in a single click from an email.
  • View your labour costs and margins on different jobs. Filter by client or employee in the report centre to really understand how your business is performing.


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Invoxy | Placement Management for Staffing Agencies

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