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FlexiTime was founded by Robert Owen in 2009 while he was supposed to be running his previous business, an IT consulting firm called Equator. His experience as a small business owner having to manually enter staff hours into multiple systems to invoice clients and pay staff was doing his head in, so he decided to do something about it.

He searched for a well-designed, intuitive, accurate payroll system that could handle complex business requirements. He looked for an end-to-end time and attendance system that could create rosters, record time in multiple ways and generate payroll. He couldn’t find one. So he built FlexiTime.

Robert Owen – CEO

Robert Owen

Sam Newton – Developer & Support

Sam Newton

Developer & Support
Jill McCorkindale – Accounts & Support

Jill McCorkindale

Accounts & Support
Jake Harvey – Marketing

Jake Harvey

Nicky Clark – Training & Support

Nicky Clark

Training & Support
Michael Gordon – Developer

Michael Gordon

James Barber – Designer

James Barber

Charles Allen – Developer

Charles Allen

Robbie Fraser – Developer

Robbie Fraser

Jacinta Gulasekharam – Business Developer

Jacinta Gulasekharam

Business Development
Tarryn Owen – Support

Tarryn Owen


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