Payroll for Trades

Trades payroll
made super easy.

On-site GPS time tracking and apprentice, tools, milage & meal allowance payments in one easy online tool.

We’ll keep you compliant

PayHero ensures that your team who work variable hours, or paid based on piecemeal rates, are always paid at least the minimum wage, so you can be sure you’re compliant and your employees are paid fairly.

Save hours of admin time

No more calculations, paper timesheets or manual data entry. Time entries, leave & expenses submitted by your employees from their mobile app show up instantly & automatically in PayHero, ready for processing payroll.

Pay your staff in minutes

Automatically calculate pay and holidays from online timesheets and work patterns. When timesheets and leave are loaded into the pay run, just manage any adjustments and click to run the pay. It’s as easy as that.

Employee Mobile App
GPS time tracking, expenses, leave and more from the palm of your team's hands.

Timesheets in their pocket
From on-site, employees can submit timesheets against different work items or cost centres by entering start, end and break times or using the GPS start/stop timer. They can access their old payslips too, so you don’t need to dig them out.

Capture expenses with ease
Expense claims couldn’t be easier. Your employees can take a photo of a receipt, categorise it and submit the expense for approval from their phone.

Easy leave requests
Employees can submit leave requests, check the approval status and balances and see a record of leave already taken and booked in with a simple calendar view.

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Focus on your customers and staff
Look after your bottom line and let PayHero take care of the tricky payroll stuff.

Easy public holiday payroll
PayHero determines whether a public holiday is an otherwise working day for an employee based on their recent work pattern and calculates their entitlements accordingly.

Automated payday filing
Payday filing is a piece of cake in PayHero – just connect your account to IRD and we’ll automatically send your payroll information through after every pay.

Employee self-service
Save time and hassle by letting your staff view leave balances and request leave from the employee app. They can access their old payslips too, so you don’t need to dig them out.

Update your accounts
Automatically send payroll data through to Xero. Keep it simple or assign wage costs to different account codes and tracking categories for a more detailed break down.

PayHero makes trades payroll easy

Works the way your business does

Easily set up different departments – such as bar, kitchen, front of house – for clocking in and reporting on costs.

Insight into finances and staffing

Track your wage costs across departments, ensuring you never go over budget. Compare staff costs with your revenue to ensure you have the right number of staff rostered on at busy and quiet periods.

Easy set up

Grab an iPad or Android tablet, login to PayHero's photo time clock app and you’re ready to go. No huge setup costs or annual maintenance fees like with fingerprint scanners or card based systems.

Free support

Our friendly Wellington-based support team is available by phone or email to help you out whenever you need it.

Try before you buy

With a fully featured free 14 day trial, you can take PayHero for a risk-free test run before committing.

PayHero loves Trades

We love trades as much as you do. Choose a payroll software provider that understands your challenges and wants to help you succeed.

Trades payroll made super easy
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