Payroll Software
for Part Time, Casual
& Shift Workers

Payroll compliance made easy

Relax safe in the knowledge that your payroll system follows the very latest Holidays Act guidance from MBIE and updates are automatically applied. Just business as usual as far as you’re concerned.

Fast, easy, accurate & stress-free

Pay your staff in minutes and let our powerful payroll software do the hard work for you. Take care of all your payroll and leave calculations, payslips and payday filing in a few clicks.

Payroll your employees can trust

The Holidays Act is complex, but we’ll make it easier to understand your obligations and for your employees to trust the entitlements and deductions in their pay.

A better way to payroll
Compliant and easy to use payroll software that calculates employee pay, taxes & deductions, and keeps track of employee leave.

Perfect for hourly employees

Track hourly work with ease and automatically calculate pay and entitlements for part time, casual, contract or shift workers. Let staff record hours against different work and cost centres with online & mobile timesheets, or capture exact start and finish times with photo clock in/out or GPS location tracking.


Put your payroll on Autopilot

You can set your payroll to run automatically each payday. We’ll send you an email with all the details and you can finalise the pay there and then without having to login. Too easy!

Payday filing, sorted once and for all

Start payday filing now and never think about PAYE filing again. Payday filing is a piece of cake in PayHero – just connect your account to IRD and we’ll automatically send your payroll information through after every pay.

Public holidays are for relaxing

No more painstaking public holiday calculations or costly payroll errors! Save on paperwork and manual processing by using timesheet history to automatically calculate holiday entitlements for variable hour employees.

The Source Bulk Foods - Retail

“It's made life as a small business owner very easy. I can do my payroll in 5 minutes and I don’t wake up in the middle of the night worrying that I haven’t paid or filed to IRD.”

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Brazen Clothing - Manufacturing

“I love the fact that it’s all online. These days I head home and do the wages with a glass of wine after dinner. The whole thing takes less than 15 minutes.”

Read Brazen Clothing's Story

Seamlessly manage paid and unpaid breaks

Employees can record breaks on the PayHero time clock app, and PayHero will automatically figure out if the break should be a paid 10-minute rest break or an unpaid 30-minute meal break. Minimise the burden on managers and allow employees to document their breaks themselves.

Update your Xero accounts

Integrate with Xero and automatically send payroll data through to your accounting system. Keep it simple or assign wage costs to different account codes and tracking categories for those who need a more detailed break down.

Payroll that works the way you do

Set up your payroll to be as simple or complex as you need it to be. Easily manage multi-pay frequencies, different pay rates for different work, a combination of hourly and salaried staff, expenses, commissions, bonuses, employee loans and more.

Easy payments

When you finalise a pay, we generate an industry standard bank payment batch file. You can make the payments via a simple upload to your online business banking account, leaving you in complete control of your finances.

Leave management, without the headaches

You and your employees have all the information you need to request and manage time off accurately. Track and record all types of leave, updating employee balances after each pay.

PayHero records annual leave in Weeks, and has been built to follow the 2017 Holidays Act guidance from MBIE, so you can be confident you’re always on the right side of employment law.

Discover Employee Leave

Leave Requests take the hassle out of leave management for us and our clients – no more unnecessary paper trails or confusion – simple and effective – we love it!

Danielle DriverAccounts Dept

Made for the web

Always accurate

Payroll and labour laws often change. Every time they do, we update PayHero so you’re always fully compliant with tax laws and the Holidays Act. No downloads or time consuming updates for you – just business as usual.

Seriously secure

We use bank-level security and automatic, daily online backups to multiple servers to ensure your sensitive payroll data and employee information is kept safe.

Access from anywhere

Run your payroll from any computer or tablet with an internet connection. Let your employees manage their payroll details and timesheets online or record their hours on the go with mobile time entry.

All the tools you need to make payroll a breeze

Easy setup

It couldn’t be easier to start using PayHero. There’s no setup fee, we offer a 14 day free trial and we can help you load your employees into the system so you’re ready to go.

Expert customer care

Our team of payroll experts are on hand to help you with setup or any curly payroll questions. Choose between phone, email or online articles.

Better with timesheets

Go paperless with integrated online timesheets and payroll. Reduce data entry, increase payroll accuracy and effortlessly keep records of who worked when.

Easy expense reimbursements

Let employees submit expense claims with photos of receipts from their mobile app and reimburse those expenses at the same time as you run payroll.

Employee documents

Save employment documents like contracts, permits, licences and IRD forms on the employee record. Get rid of the old filing cabinet and manage your most import documents securely online.

Take a break from employee admin

Give employees controlled self-service access to update details, view pay history and submit timesheets, leave requests and expense claims. Let staff manage their own info, so you don’t need to.

Powerful reporting

Set up custom reports for a detailed view of employee hours worked, holiday / leave liability, wage costs on a job or almost anything else you can think of.

Minimum wage top up

Ensure that salaried staff who work variable hours, and employees paid based on piecemeal rates, are always paid at least the minimum wage for their actual hours of work. PayHero will monitor hourly rates and automatically apply a top up if they drop below minimum wage.

Payslip software

Payslips are automatically emailed to employees when you finalise a pay. Add your company logo to your payslip template and select which information is shown to employees.

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