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Payroll processing made easy

Easy to use online payroll software that calculates employee pay and taxes, keeps track of leave balances and automatically works out deductions such as student loans, KiwiSaver, child support and IRD arrears.


We’ve been busy creating a new & improved version of FlexiTime Payroll.
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Pay your staff in minutes

1. Create a pay

Create a pay from timesheet entries, or enter the hours directly into the pay.

2. Review pay summary

All calculations, deductions & taxes are worked out for you to review.

3. Pay your staff

Pay your staff and automatically email their payslips.

A better way to payroll

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Perfect for part time, casual or shift workers

FlexiTime is NZ’s number one payroll software for businesses with part time, casual, contract or shift workers. In-built timesheets make it easy to track the hours your employees work and automatically calculate their pay and entitlements.

Payroll that works the way you do

Set up your payroll to be as simple or complex as you need it to be. Easily manage multi-pay frequencies, different pay rates for different jobs, a combination of hourly rate and salaried staff, commissions, bonuses, employee loans and more.

Automatic public holiday calculations

No more confusing manual calculations. FlexiTime saves you hours by automatically determining whether a public holiday is an otherwise working day for an employee and calculating their entitlements accordingly.

Employee leave, simplified

FlexiTime provides employees and managers with all the information they need to request and approve leave online. All types of leave are tracked and recorded in FlexiTime, updating employee balances after each pay.

Manage your finances and reporting

Easy bank payments

When you finalise a pay, we generate an industry standard bank payment batch file. You can make the payments via a simple upload to your online business banking account, leaving you in complete control of your finances.

Automated payday filing

FlexiTime uses IRD’s new payday filing technology to automatically file your PAYE returns after each pay. You don’t need to manually file any reports with IRD.

Send payroll data to Xero or MYOB

Integrate FlexiTime with Xero or MYOB AccountRight and automatically send payroll data through to your accounting system. Set up Jobs in FlexiTime that match tracking codes in Xero to record your wages against different departments or activities.

flexitime payroll reporting

Made for the web

Always accurate

Payroll and labour laws often change. Every time they do, we update FlexiTime so you’re always fully compliant with tax laws and the Holidays Act. No downloads or time consuming updates for you – just business as usual.

Seriously secure

We use bank-level security and automatic, daily online backups to multiple servers to ensure your sensitive payroll data is kept safe.

Access from anywhere

Run your payroll from any computer with an internet connection. Let your employees record their hours on the go with FlexiTime Mobile.

FlexiTime Mobile view edit and record time

All the features you’ll ever need

Easy setup

It couldn’t be easier to start using FlexiTime. There’s no setup fee, unless you want an expert to transfer your employee data from your previous payroll system.

Detailed time tracking

Record employee time to the minute with the start/stop clock in FlexiTime Mobile, the FlexiTime Widget for Desktop or our Photo Timeclock.

Better with timesheets

Go paperless with integrated online timesheets and payroll. Reduce data entry, increase payroll accuracy and keep track of leave balances.

Employee portal

Our dedicated employee portal lets your staff view their payslips and leave balances and request leave online. If it suits your business, let them record their time directly into FlexiTime as well.

Manage employee leave

Keep track of employee leave with timesheets. Employees can view their leave history and balances and submit leave requests, or enter future leave days in their timesheets.

Powerful reporting

Set up custom reports in FlexiTime for a quick view of employee hours worked, holiday / leave liability, wages costs to revenue, or almost anything else you can think of.

Cost effective

Pay a simple monthly fee, regardless of how often you pay your staff. Unlike many other payroll systems, you won’t pay more if you do weekly or fortnightly payruns.

Customised payslips

Payslips are automatically emailed to employees when you finalise a pay. Add your company logo to your payslip template and select which information is shown.

Manage time off in lieu

Keep track of time off in lieu accrued and used by salaried staff with Time Bank. Time Bank balances are automatically generated from FlexiTime timesheets.

Expert customer care

Our team of payroll experts are available 5 days a week to help you with setup or any curly payroll questions. Choose between phone, email or online articles.

Structure your account

Set up FlexiTime to reflect multiple work sites or departments within your organisation. Set up user access so managers can only view relevant employees and information.

Work with your adviser

Invite your accountant or bookkeeper to view your payroll information. They can see what you see in real time so you’re both working off the same page.

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