Give your employees control of their time

With FlexiTime Mobile your employees can record their hours while they work, from wherever they are.

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FlexiTIme Mobile Available on Apple and Android

Record Time

Enter time against work set up in FlexiTime. Time entries automatically appear in FlexiTime for fast payroll processing.

Start a Clock

For detailed time tracking, time your tasks with FlexiTime’s start/stop clock. If you’re interrupted in the middle of a task, simply start another clock and return to the original when you’re ready.

FlexiTIme Mobile Start a Clock
FlexiTIme Mobile Create a To Do list

To Do list

Create a list of tasks that are linked to work types in FlexiTime. Start and stop a timer when working on a task and tick it off when complete.

My Team

Let a manager or foreman clock their whole team in and out of shifts while on site at a job.

FlexiTIme Mobile Manage a Team
FlexiTIme Mobile View and Edit Time

View and Edit

See and edit historical time entries, each colour coded based on the type of work.

Pay your staff

All time entries from FlexiTime Mobile automatically appear in FlexiTime. Payroll has never been so easy!

FlexiTIme Mobile Pay your staff

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