Make timesheets easy with photo clock in and out

Increase the accuracy of your wage bill by paying staff for the hours they really work.

Start shifts with a selfie

Capture start and end times with photo clock in and out.

Eliminate buddy punching

Photos record that the employee was onsite when they started and finished their shift.

Run pays in a jiffy

Confidently create pays from time clock entries with no data entry or manual calculations.

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Photo Time Clock

No more timesheet stress. Record exact clock in and clock out times for fast, accurate payroll.

Automatic timesheets Clock in and outs automatically update timesheets in your payroll. No more collecting paper timesheets, checking the hours have been added up correctly and typing them into your payroll system.

Take a break When your staff take breaks, PayHero will figure out if the break should be a paid 10-minute rest break or an unpaid 30-minute meal break. PayHero calculates the point at which the break is taken within the shift, the length of the break, and the total duration of the shift, to then determine whether it’s a paid or unpaid break.

Easy set up Create an account, enter some employees, open the app and you’re ready to go. No huge set up costs or annual fees like with fingerprint scanners or card systems.

Works when you’re offline When your internet goes down, your Time Clock app keeps working. It will store time entries and send them through to your payroll when the connection is back up.

Visibility of who's onsite Get a head start on the health & safety requirements of your venue by always having a record of who’s currently working onsite at any time.

Prefab - Hospitality

“Thanks to FlexiTime’s photo time clock, the amount we’re saving on wages more than pays for our monthly FlexiTime bill. It’s a no-brainer for us.”

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Brazen Clothing - Manufacturing

“The photo time clock creates a sense of fairness by accurately recording hours, so both the staff and the owner know they’re not being taken advantage of.”

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Attendance management made easy

The easiest and most accurate way of tracking your employees’ time.

Clock in and out Employees clock in and out of shifts with a selfie.

Live attendance See photos of all employees currently clocked in.

Time history See historical time entries and associated photos.

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