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Leave Requests are here

No more data entry. No more checking leave balances. No more hassle.

FlexiTime’s new Leave Requests feature provides employees and managers with all the information they need to request and approve leave online. Managing employee leave is now easier than ever, for everyone involved.

FlexiTime Leave Requests

Online Leave Requests

Employees can log in to FlexiTime and request leave online, including part-days. We’ll give them as much info as possible about their balances so they know exactly where they stand.

One Click Approvals

Managers will receive an email with the details of the request, the employee’s leave balances, and a list of any other staff taking leave at the same time. All it takes is one click to approve or decline requests.

FlexiTime Leave Request Approvals Mobile
FlexiTime Leave Requests Approved Email

Sweet Automation

Once leave has been approved or declined, the employee will receive an email to let them know. If approved, their timesheet will be updated and FlexiTime will figure out how much to pay them for that leave, based on their employee setup and timesheet history.

Flows Through to Payroll

When it comes to running a pay, all approved employee leave will be included in the pay. Check out the Pay Leave Report before you finalise the pay to see a summary of how FlexiTime has calculated the leave entitlements.

FlexiTime Leave Requests Approved Leave Time Entries
FlexiTime Leave Requests Pay Report
FlexiTime Leave Requests webinar

Watch the Webinar

For more information, including how to enable Leave Requests on your account, check out our support site.