Save time and be more productive

Save huge amounts of time and hassle by capturing employee hours straight into your payroll system.

Flexible employee time tracking

FlexiTime Time Portal - Adding Time to Timesheets

Online Time Entry

Employees can enter hours directly into FlexiTime from the employee portal.

FlexiTime Mobile for Apple & Android

FlexiTime Mobile

Record, view and edit time on the go with FlexiTime Mobile. Get it today on the App Store or the Google Play Store.

FlexiTime SHiFT Timeclock android apple

SHiFT Photo Timeclock

Record exact clock in and clock out times for fast, accurate payroll with the SHiFT Photo Timeclock. Get it today on the App Store or the Google Play Store.

FlexiTime Desktop Widget

Desktop Widget

Record, view and edit time from your desktop with FlexiTime Widget. Get it today on the Chrome Store.

FlexiTime Add-on Workflow MAX
FlexiTime Add-on Timedock


Automatically import time from one of our integration partners. You may also be able to import time from other systems – contact support to find out more.

FlexiTime Timesheets

Payroll is better with timesheets

Save time and effort with integrated online timesheets and payroll. Track the hours your employees work and pay them accurately.

No more paper timesheets

Don’t waste time chasing up paper timesheets and typing all those hours into your payroll system. Capturing employee hours directly into your payroll system lets you focus on the things that matter.

Track your labour costs

To really understand how your business ticks, record employee time by business function or department. Split your wages into separate accounts or break a particular job into different stages for detailed cost analysis and reporting.

Accurate payroll

Ditch the data entry and avoid costly payroll mistakes by generating your payroll directly from the time that’s entered. You can even use our photo timeclock for to-the-minute time recording.

FlexiTime Timesheets
FlexiTime Time Summary for Time Entries

Keep track of leave balances

Using timesheets to record leave allows employers and employees to keep track of balances throughout the year. When you run payroll, leave entered in timesheets is pulled through to the pay.

Simplify public holiday payroll

FlexiTime timesheets provide a record of average daily rates and otherwise working days for part time and casual employees. All of a sudden payroll for public holidays doesn’t seem so hard.

Easy to review, edit and approve

See the week of employee time to be paid in a simple graphical view and make changes by clicking and dragging time entries. See an overview of the whole business or drill down to see timesheets for a department or individual employee.

Record keeping compliance

NZ businesses must keep a record of the hours worked by an employee each day. Using online timesheets guarantees compliance, especially when an employee’s hours vary from day to day.

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