Online time tools to help your business

When you use FlexiTime PayHero, your team’s hours, leave and holidays are automatically included in your payroll. No manual entry. No worries!

Go paperless

Say goodbye to paper timesheets. Employees can record time on any device and it will automatically sync with your payroll.

Recordkeeping compliance

NZ employers must keep a record of the hours worked by employees each day. Online timesheets tick that box nicely.

Accurate payroll

Ditch the data entry and avoid costly payroll mistakes by generating your payroll directly from online timesheets.

Online Time Entry | FlexiTime PayHero

The easy way to pay hourly staff

Don’t waste time chasing up paper timesheets and typing all those hours into your payroll system. Hourly employees can enter hours straight into your account online or via their mobile app. Once approved, the hours flow into your payroll, increasing accuracy and letting you focus on the things that matter.

Track your labour costs

To really understand how your business ticks, record employee time by business function, department or the work they’re doing. Split your wages into separate accounts or cost centres for detailed cost analysis and reporting. Integrate with Xero to automatically apportion those costs in your accounts.

Track your labour costs | Online Payroll Software | FlexiTime PayHero
Photo Time Clock | Online Payroll Software | FlexiTime PayHero

To-the-minute timesheets

Get your employees to clock in and out with a selfie to record exact start and end times. Monitor attendance, eliminate buddy punching and make it fun! It’s the fastest and most accurate way to pay shift-based employees.

Relax on public holidays

No more grappling with weeks worth of timesheets and confusing manual calculations. FlexiTime PayHero automatically calculates public holiday entitlements for variable hour employees using their timesheet history.

Leave Management | Online Payroll Software | FlexiTime PayHero

Full visibility of employee leave

Leave management has never been easier. Employees can see their current and projected balances and submit leave requests for approval. A beautiful leave calendar shows you who’s away when and Dashboard reminders ensure you always know what’s going on.

Fast Admin Time Entry

Still using paper timesheets? No problem. It’s quick and easy for to enter time into FlexiTime PayHero as well. View a week at a time and enter the total number of hours or days worked by each employee or enter bulk time entries for multiple employees working the same shift.

Bulk Time Entry | Online Payroll Software | FlexiTime PayHero