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Scheduling & time clock software
for managing shift workers

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Automatic Rostering

Save hours with automatically generated rosters that are easy to create, approve & amend.

Full coverage

Set up different departments or job functions and colour code them on your roster for quick role identification. Easily see that you’ve got all positions covered each day.

Track Time & Attendance

Easier time tracking means more accurate payroll. Enjoy the convenience of to-the-minute timesheets with our intuitive photo time clock.

Scheduling and Employee Time Tracking Software

Create the perfect roster every time

Build your ideal roster with a single click

Droppah’s AI auto-scheduling takes skills, availability, shift preferences, wage costs, and other requirements into account to automatically build highly optimised rosters in no time.

Control costs and optimise staff coverage

Save time with accurate labour cost forecasts and compare with revenue to ensure you’ve got the right coverage at the right times. Reporting tools help you control overtime costs by comparing rosters to actual work hours.

Tailor to your business requirements

Droppah has the flexibility to work the way you do. Easily schedule work across multiple locations, departments and roles. Set up rosters that match your business timetable - be it weekly or otherwise.

No more roster hassles

Publish and share rosters with your team. Easily manage shift swaps, find replacements and notify employees of shift changes. Assign managers to look after rosters and time tracking for their own departments.

Accurate employee time tracking

Save on your wage costs by monitoring staff attendance and breaks on our photo time clock app. Employees simply take a selfie photo when they start and finish their shift which creates a timesheet for accurate payroll.

Meal and rest break compliance made easy

When employees take a break on the time clock Droppah calculates the point at which the break is taken within the shift, the length of the break, and the total duration of the shift, to then determine whether it’s a paid or unpaid break.

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Deeply integrated scheduling and payroll

Manage your staff and pay them accurately with Droppah + PayHero, the ultimate staff management solution for companies with shift workers.

Deeply integrated scheduling and payroll | Droppah & PayHero