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per payslip
per month

Starts from $40 (includes 20 payslips)

Automated payday filing
Leave management
Online timesheets
Payslips with your branding
Employee self service
Document management
Photo time clock
Payroll AutoPilot®
Custom reporting
1 Team free
All integrations
NZ-based phone & email support
PayHero Add-on & Bundle

Approve time, manage rostering, payroll & employee leave with deep two-way integration between Droppah and PayHero.

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per employee
per month
PayHero Add-on & Bundle

Seamlessly send employees, timesheets and leave from Invoxy to PayHero for simple, compliant and accurate payroll processing.

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per placement
per month

minimum $150 per month

PayHero Add-ons

Additional Teams

Organise your business into groups of employees and assign managers to oversee timesheets, expenses, leave & the time clock.

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per Team
per month

Pay Now

Pay your team and Inland Revenue directly from PayHero with secure and convenient payments with POLi.

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per pay

Contact sales to request enterprise pricing options for larger organisations.

Prices are in NZD and exclude GST.

Frequently asked questions

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa & MasterCard or direct debit payments.

When will I be billed?

We bill at the start of each month for usage in the previous month.

How does the pricing work?

Monthly billing for each product is based on your activity. In PayHero you pay for the number of payslips created, in Droppah the number of employees in a roster or on a timesheet, and in Invoxy the number of active placements (or jobs/projects) in the month. That way you’re not paying for inactive employees, such as seasonal employees during the off season.

PayHero has a minimum monthly charge of $40, which includes your first 20 payslips. If you create fewer than 20 payslips your invoice for the month will be $40.

Invoxy’s minimum monthly charge of $150 includes 25 placements. If you have fewer than 25 placements your invoice for the month will be $150.

Droppah has a monthly base fee of $19, which is charged in addition to your per employee rate.

Is there a discount for using multiple FlexiTime products?

If you use both PayHero and Droppah you’ll pay just $3 per employee per month for Droppah with no monthly base fee. Bundle pricing for PayHero + Invoxy is coming soon.

Am I locked in?

No. Our standard subscriptions are pay-as-you-go and you can cancel your account at any time from your account settings.

What happens if I cancel my account?

You can cancel at any time and we’ll send you a final invoice for your usage in the current billing period.

Can I try before I buy?

All of our products have a free trial that will give you access to all the features. You can choose to subscribe any time during or after the trial. All information you enter during the trial period will be retained.

For PayHero, we also have a demo account pre-loaded with some fictional employees that you can have a play around with at any time.

I’m coming from another payroll system. Does it cost to transfer my data across?

Nope! Our support team can help you transfer your data for free. Simply email us at to get started.

Do I need to arrange a Letter of Credit with my bank?

No. FlexiTime will never take money out of your account so we don’t require a letter of credit. We provide you with the bank files you need to pay your employees and the IRD, or you can use Pay Now to make payments via a POLi Account-to-Account transaction.

More questions? Talk to Sales.

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