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FlexiTime is the perfect back office solution for businesses with remote, casual or flexible employees, or small businesses looking for an affordable payroll system that can grow with your company. FlexiTime saves you time by creating payroll straight from employee timesheets.


Pay your employees accurately and on time with FlexiTime’s easy to use and 100% IRD compliant online payroll system.

Automatically calculate pay, leave balances and deductions such as KiwiSaver and Student Loans. Pay your staff with pre-populated bank files and FlexiTime will automatically file your tax returns via payday filing.

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Create rosters across the business or by department. Give your managers access to create rosters for their areas.

Save historical timesheets as a template for creating a new roster. Instantly notify your staff of their shifts via email.

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SHiFT Photo Timeclock

Reduce your wage bill by paying staff only for the hours they work.

Record exact clock in and out times with FlexiTime’s photo timeclock app. Ditch the paper timesheets and improve the speed and accuracy of your payroll.

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Accurately track employee time in a way that works for you.

All FlexiTime plans include timesheets. Give your employees log-ins to record their own time, capture actual working hours to the minute using our photo time clock, or manually enter the hours yourself. Review and edit or approve timesheets before running your pay.

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Leave Requests

Easily manage all types of leave with our smart leave request and approval system.

Give employees all the info they need about their leave balances so they can make leave requests online. Managers receive an email with the request, the employee’s balances, and a list of any other staff taking leave at the same time.

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FlexiTime Mobile

Let your employees or contractors enter their hours on the go with FlexiTime Mobile.

Employees that are out and about on the job can enter their hours against the jobs they are doing, automatically updating their timesheet in FlexiTime. Managers can clock their employees in and out of shifts from their phone.

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FlexiTime Mobile

Integrate with your accounting system

Make FlexiTime even more powerful by using it in conjunction with Xero or MYOB AccountRight.

Automatically send payroll invoices from FlexiTime to your accounting system when you finalise a pay, so you can track them in your Chart of Accounts along with your other expenses.

Xero and MYOB add-ons available now

Employee Portal

Let your employees manage their info in FlexiTime, so you don’t need to.

Employees can update personal details, request leave, view rosters and payslips and enter the hours they have worked. All FlexiTime plans include employee access, but you choose whether or not to use it.

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Report Centre

Gain improved insight into your business with FlexiTime’s powerful report centre.

Select from our standard payroll reports or slice and dice your FlexiTime data to create your own custom dashboard. View variances between hours rostered and time actually worked. Drill down for more detail. Create dynamic reports and export to Excel.

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