Roster the right staff at the right times

Ensure you’ve got all shifts covered and closely manage your wage costs with integrated scheduling, time & attendance and payroll.

Create your roster

Build your weekly roster from saved templates. Email staff members their shifts.

Clock in and out

Capture exact time worked with the Photo Time Clock app.

Pay your staff

Create a pay in minutes from online timesheets and email payslips to staff.

Rostering is only available in FlexiTime Payroll with the Time & Attendance add-on. To find out more see our pricing.


Create your weekly roster and email staff their shifts

Quick and easy

Save historical timesheets as templates for creating a new roster. Build your rosters from saved templates and drag and drop to edit as required.

Communicate shifts to staff

Once you’ve published your roster, email each employee their shifts for the week with a couple of clicks.

Full coverage

Set up different departments or job functions and colour code them on your roster for quick role identification. Easily see that you’ve got all positions covered each day.

Manage by department

Give your managers access to create their own rosters for different departments. Filter rosters to view a single employee or area of work.

FlexiTime Shift | Rosters
FlexiTime Shift | Time Approval

Manage your staff costs

View the labour cost for the week. Compare wage costs with estimated revenue each business day, ensuring you never go over budget.

See variances to rostered time

Compare rosters to actual time worked each week so you can manage any unexplained variances.

Hour-by-hour view of staffing

View a head count chart showing the number of employees rostered each hour. Ensure you have the right number of people to cover busy and quiet periods.

Eliminate unplanned overtime

Set a strict roster start time so employees are only paid for their rostered hours and don’t clock up unplanned overtime if they clock in early.

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