Let FlexiTime manage your PAYE and deal with IRD

FlexiTime is a registered PAYE Intermediary. This means we can take on your PAYE obligations and manage communication with Inland Revenue so you can focus on growing your business.

What is the PAYE intermediary scheme?

Inland Revenue’s PAYE intermediary scheme encourages small businesses to outsource their PAYE obligations to approved providers for two reasons. Firstly, it means that business owners have one less compliance task to worry about. It also means that IRD receives PAYE payments on time and in a format that makes their job easier and saves them time.

How does the FlexiTime PAYE Service work?

When you sign up to the PAYE Service, FlexiTime becomes your PAYE Agent. Each time you finalise a pay a Banking Payments Batch file will automatically download in FlexiTime. This file includes the payments to be made to each staff member and a payment of your PAYE obligations to the FlexiTime Commercial Trust account. Simply upload this file to your online business banking account, confirm the payments and you’re done.


Or, if you’re unable to use Bank Batch files, we can email you a Payment Summary each time you finalise a pay so that you can make manual payments to your employees and the FlexiTime Commercial Trust account.


We’ll file your IRD returns automatically and on time. We’ll also manage communication with IRD.

Do I qualify?

To qualify for the FlexiTime PAYE Service you must pay less than $500,000 in PAYE each year and agree to pay the PAYE portion of your wages to the FlexiTime Commercial Trust account each pay day.

How much does it cost?

The FlexiTime PAYE Service is an optional, free add-on to any of our pricing plans.

How do I sign up?

Start by signing up for a free 30 day trial. Then complete and sign an IR920 form authorising FlexiTime as your PAYE Intermediary, scan it and email it to support@flexitime.co.nz along with your FlexiTime company code. We will forward the form to IRD on your behalf. Please DO NOT send this form directly to IRD.


We’ll contact you to confirm that your application has been accepted and the date from which FlexiTime will become your PAYE Agent and take over your PAYE filing.

Conditions of use

The customer must use the Banking Payments Batch file, or enter the payment and reference details provided in the Payment Summary, every pay date to transfer the PAYE total to the FlexiTime Commercial Trust account.


If the full PAYE amount is not received for a tax period, FlexiTime may de-link your company from the PAYE service and notify IRD that you will be responsible for filing your returns and making payment for that tax period. Any funds that FlexiTime has received for that tax period will be refunded to your bank account.


Read the full terms and conditions.

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