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We’re busy building New Zealand’s best payroll software because we want to make it easier
for you to run your business. Here are a few of the things we’ve been working on lately.


New PayHero features

GPS time tracking

PayHero’s GPS time tracking makes it easy to manage your remote or mobile workforce. Turn on geolocation for accurate timesheets with increased employee accountability. Your staff can start a timer on their phone, which pinpoints the location of where they are when they clock in and out.

Delegate team management

Let your managers look after their teams. With PayHero Teams employee leave requests and expense claims will be emailed to their line manager for approval. Managers can also record and edit staff timesheets, or even clock staff in and out on their phone as they arrive onsite.

Minimum wage top up

Ensure that salaried staff who work variable hours, and employees paid based on piecemeal rates, are always paid at least the minimum wage for their actual hours of work. PayHero will monitor hourly rates and automatically apply a top up if they drop below minimum wage.

Manage paid and unpaid breaks

Automatically take care of your rest and meal break compliance. When staff record break times on the photo time clock app PayHero figures out if they should be paid or unpaid, based on the latest rules.

What we're working on

Payroll AutoPilot™

You can set your payroll to run automatically each payday. We’ll send you an email with all the details and you can finalise the pay there and then without having to login. Too easy!

Pay Now

Pay your staff in just a few clicks directly from PayHero – no more bank batch files or manual bank payments.

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