Save time and ditch the data entry

Automatically sync your FlexiTime payroll with your MYOB AccountRight accounting system.

Automatic Processing

FlexiTime automatically sends payroll data to MYOB AccountRight so you never need to manually re-enter those transactions again.

Payroll Made Easy

After you finalise a pay in FlexiTime, the details of the transaction are automatically synced with your MYOB AccountRight account.

Consolidated & Simplified

Payroll invoices containing all wages, taxes, expenses and liabilities appear in AccountRight, awaiting approval. Or, you can choose to send a single, consolidated, payroll invoice through.

Each finalised pay from FlexiTime immediately appears in MYOB as individual bills for each employee and the IRD. This allows bankfeeds to have Bill rules set up for each, giving additional tracking and reporting under Purchases for employees and the IRD. It is easy, accurate and a real time saver.

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What is MYOB AccountRight?

MYOB AccountRight is powerful accounting with business management capabilities.

Fully customisable, it enables businesses to stay in control of the most demanding jobs, inventory and multiple company accounts. MYOB AccountRight also helps to improve productivity and efficiency and make compliance easy.

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