Payday Filing in FlexiTime

Automated tax filing from your payroll software

We’re proud to be the first payroll provider in New Zealand to offer automated payday filing to our customers.


The easy way to manage PAYE filing

FlexiTime uses IRD’s new payday filing technology to automatically file your PAYE returns after each pay. You don’t need to manually file any reports with IRD.

Less admin

Automate compliance

No risk of penalities

Get in early

What you need to know

IRD is making some changes to the way that companies file their PAYE. Here’s the key info.

What is payday filing / payday reporting?

Part of their Making Tax Simpler initiative, payday filing (sometimes referred to as payday reporting) means submitting PAYE returns to IRD after each pay rather than once a month. This is done automatically via a direct integration between your payroll system and IRD.

The due date for paying PAYE and other deductions to IRD doesn’t change.

Payday filing is currently optional, but IRD is making it mandatory from 1 April 2019.

How will it impact you?

All but the smallest employers must be set up on payday filing before 1 April 2019.

Everyone should review their current payroll systems and processes to ensure they can transition to payday filing.

Why is IRD introducing payday filing?

Having more timely information means IRD can work out tax and entitlements more accurately, providing more confidence to companies and employees that they are paying and receiving the correct amounts throughout the year.

To achieve this without an increase in compliance costs, IRD is enabling payroll software providers to file your returns on your behalf via a direct integration.

Filing becomes part of your normal payroll process, so you don’t need to remember to send returns in at the end of the month.

How does payday filing work?

FlexiTime has developed a direct connection to IRD’s new system so we can submit tax returns electronically. This means that PAYE filing, always a manual task up until now, can finally be automated.

Simply connect to IRD from FlexiTime and your payroll filing will be done automatically once you finalise each pay.

Get started now

Payday reporting is coming soon and every affected employer will need to ensure they’re using a payday filing compliant payroll system by 1 April 2019.
Get ahead of the change and avoid any last minute panic. Start payday filing with FlexiTime now.

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