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Key Dates:

  • 28 February 2021
    • Phone support for FlexiTime Payroll ends
    • Xero integration end date
    • WorkflowMax integration end date
  • 31 March 2021
    • Invoxy integration end date
    • FlexiTime Billing end date
    • FlexiTime SHiFT photo time clock end date
    • Employee Portal end date
  • 31 May 2021
    • FlexiTime rostering end date
    • FlexiTime Mobile end date
    • FlexiTime API end date
  • 1 June 2021
    • FlexiTime price increase to match PayHero

FlexiTime price increase

From 1 June 2021 we’ll be increasing the price of our legacy FlexiTime product to match the equivalent plans in PayHero.

From 1 June, the FlexiTime Payroll plan will cost $19 /account fee + $4 /employee per month. The FlexiTime Shift plan will cost $39 /account fee + $5 /employee per month.

We’ve been helping customers move to PayHero since mid-2019. In 2020 we launched Droppah to cover the rostering functionality.

We’ve invested in developing these new systems to give you more functionality, a better user experience and to make it easier to stay compliant. We’ll be continuing to focus our development effort on the new products going forward and we strongly encourage you to switch over.

About PayHero

It’s now been over two years since we launched PayHero. In that time we’ve launched 19 product releases and signed up over 3,500 new customers.

We’ve continued to make PayHero better and better. We’ve added Droppah for rostering and Invoxy for job management and client billing to round out a suite of employment tools to help manage your workforce.

We’re confident that PayHero is the best online payroll product available in New Zealand, with tools to help all kinds of businesses. But undoubtedly the most important thing about PayHero is our commitment to paying employees right.

In 2017 the Ministry for Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) released a 98-page guidance document with updated advice about Holidays Act compliance. It was released in the wake of MBIE auditing their own business and finding that they had underpaid Holiday Pay. It’s also the basis with which they are auditing other businesses around the country to detect non-compliance.

When that guidance document was released we were in the early stages of developing PayHero. We carefully analysed the new guidance and decided to make some changes that would make compliance easier and more automated in PayHero than it is in FlexiTime Payroll (or any other payroll system!). Read more here.

If you continue to use FlexiTime you’ll need to take ongoing manual steps to ensure all of your employee leave balances are correct, based on the latest advice.

We strongly recommend you move to PayHero and now is the best time to do it. The upgrade process is simple and we're very happy to help.

Everyone is excited about the move to PayHero, with overwhelmingly positive feedback across the brewery. You’ve got a fantastic product there.

Panhead | Ben Bakker | FlexiTime Customer
Ben BakkerPanhead

Upcoming changes to FlexiTime Payroll

Over the past four years we’ve invested in building payroll, rostering and time billing software that makes it easier than ever for employers to manage and pay their employees.

Now that the majority of FlexiTime Payroll customers have upgraded to our new products and FlexiTime Payroll can only be accessed via the desktop app, we’ll be removing a number of legacy features in 2021. Please take note of the following key dates:

  • 28 February 2021
    • Phone support for FlexiTime Payroll ends
    • Xero integration end date
    • WorkflowMax integration end date
  • 31 March 2021
    • Invoxy integration end date
    • FlexiTime Billing end date
    • FlexiTime SHiFT photo time clock end date
    • Employee Portal end date
  • 31 May 2021
    • FlexiTime rostering end date
    • FlexiTime Mobile end date
    • FlexiTime API end date

From 1 March 2021 FlexiTime Payroll product support will be email only and you’ll no longer be able to schedule support phone calls. You’ll still have access to the same great support team, but they’ll begin prioritising tickets for PayHero, Droppah and Invoxy customers.

How to upgrade to PayHero

The best time to migrate to PayHero is just before you run a pay. That way the information in both systems is up-to-date so you can run the pay in FlexiTime Payroll and PayHero and check that everything matches up.

Upgrade to PayHero

Step 2:
Click the Upgrade to PayHero button in the top right.

Upgrade to PayHero

Step 3:
Sit back and relax as we automatically copy your employees & payroll settings into a new PayHero account. Your FlexiTime account will not be affected at all. Find out more.

Holidays Act compliance - easier in PayHero

We've put a lot of focus on making sure our customers are paying their staff correctly for leave and are compliant with the Holidays Act. As recommended in the latest guidance from MBIE, PayHero stores leave balances in Weeks and reviews the employee’s recent work pattern to determine how many days of leave the employee has available.

After two years of supporting customers on both platforms we’ve seen that PayHero is consistently better than FlexiTime Payroll at ensuring employee leave entitlements are handled correctly.

This was particularly noticeable during the nationwide alert level 4 lockdown in 2020. With businesses struggling to pay staff, many reduced wages and changed work patterns for employees. In payroll systems that accrue leave based on hours worked this means extra admin work for you to make sure leave entitlements are still correct. Whenever an employee’s work pattern changes, their leave balances need to be manually reassessed and updated.

Not with PayHero. PayHero gives employees 4 weeks a year regardless of events like COVID-19 or any other changes to work patterns - so it's always right and there's no extra work required.

Important: If you choose to keep using FlexiTime rather than PayHero, please be aware that you’ll need to do extra work on an ongoing basis to ensure your employees receive the correct leave entitlements. We strongly advise that every time an employee’s work pattern changes you:

  1. Update the normal hours per week on their employee settings
  2. Update any existing leave balances to reflect the new pattern, and
  3. Update the employee’s pay history for the past 12 months
Following this process (full details can be found in this support article) will ensure that employee leave entitlements are maintained at 4 weeks a year, based on their current work patterns.

Convex Accounting | Hamish Mexted | PayHero Customer

"We’re usually reluctant to endorse payroll software, simply because the cost of getting it wrong is huge. PayHero gets the detail right, at the same time as being exceptionally easy to use. In short, it’s second to none."

Convex Accounting | Hamish Mexted | FlexiTime Customer

Hamish Mexted
Convex Accounting

Feature comparison table

Full Service Payroll

FlexiTime | Basic payroll software for small businesses
PayHero | Online Payroll Made Super Easy
Works online
Desktop app only
Automated payday filing
Online timesheet entry
Bulk timesheet entry
Management dashboard
Employee expenses
Improved, including submitting photos of receipts
Employee documents & notes
Leave requests & approvals
Calendar view of employee leave
Automated parental leave
Automated public holidays
Runs on iPads/tablets
Business intelligence reporting
Payroll AutoPilot®
GPS time tracking
Paid & unpaid break automation
Minimum wage top up
Pay Now (with POLi)
Timesheet import

Employee Self Service

FlexiTime | Basic payroll software for small businesses
PayHero | Online Payroll Made Super Easy
Employee mobile app
Timesheets, leave requests, expenses, payslips
Photo time clock
Leave & expense approvals for managers
Team manager clock ins


FlexiTime | Basic payroll software for small businesses
PayHero | Online Payroll Made Super Easy
Xero integration (to Account Codes & Tracking Categories)
Timesheet import from other systems
Custom API integration
WorkflowMax integration
Droppah integration


FlexiTime | Basic payroll software for small businesses
PayHero | Online Payroll Made Super Easy
Email support
Phone support

PayHero upgrade FAQs

What is PayHero?

PayHero is our new and improved online payroll system. We’ve built PayHero on the latest technology infrastructure. It’s been designed for the modern browser so it works just as well on iPads and tablets as on desktop and doesn’t require Flash Player.

We’ve introduced a beautiful new interface, increased processing speed, enhanced reporting and added some fantastic new functionality, including:

  • Let Payroll AutoPilot® process your pays, send payslips to employees and submit your payday filing details to Inland Revenue.
  • Pay employees via an online POLi transaction from inside PayHero when you complete your payroll.
  • Track timesheet locations with GPS clock ins from the employee mobile app.
  • Employees can submit expenses with a photo of the receipt for fast approval and reimbursement.
  • Upload documents like contracts, IRD forms, licences, etc. to the employee record.
  • A brand new employee mobile app includes timesheets, leave requests, expenses and payslips.
  • Better visibility of employee time off, with a calendar view of all upcoming employee leave.
  • A brand new photo time clock for to-the-minute timesheets, including management of paid and unpaid breaks.
  • Improved bulk timesheet entry for companies that need to enter timesheets manually.
  • The Administrator Dashboard provides reminders for upcoming leave, birthdays, employment anniversaries and payroll tasks.

Of course, we still have the best online and mobile timesheet system for keeping track of time against different work and cost centres.

What’s the difference between PayHero & FlexiTime Payroll?

FlexiTime Payroll is our legacy payroll product, launched in 2008. PayHero is our new and improved version, launched in 2018.

See the feature comparison table to see the differences between the products.

What’s different in terms of leave handling?

With plenty of attention on Holidays Act compliance in the past few years we’ve reviewed how we handle leave. In FlexiTime we currently provide two options for managing leave – normal hours per week and accrue leave as you go based on 4/52 of the hours worked. While both of these methods are able to provide the correct entitlement for employees, when an employee’s work pattern changes over a period it does require additional work to ensure that the employee’s entitlement to 4 weeks leave per year is maintained.

To eliminate any risk of non-compliance, in PayHero we’ve moved to a system of storing leave balances in Weeks and reviewing the employee’s recent work pattern to represent this in Hours and Days and provide a monetary value for the leave.

This change makes it as easy as possible to comply with the Holidays Act. Read more here.

How do I upgrade from FlexiTime Payroll to PayHero?

We’ve built a tool that will automatically copy your employee info, pay history, Work and company settings from FlexiTime into a brand new PayHero account.

To migrate, login to FlexiTime Payroll as the Admin user and click ‘Upgrade to PayHero’ on the top right of the screen.

See this support article for everything you need to know before migrating to PayHero.

If you need a hand with anything, please contact

When is the best time to upgrade to PayHero?

As soon as possible. FlexiTime is now only available via the desktop app and there are a number of features that will be deprecated in 2021. We recommend that all remaining FlexiTime users begin planning for the upgrade - we’re happy to help!

We suggest that you run a parallel pay after the migration to PayHero to ensure everything has come across as it should have and the payroll calculations match up in both systems. The easiest way to do this is to migrate to PayHero just before you run a pay. That way you’ll know that the information in both systems is up-to-date and you can run the pay in both FlexiTime Payroll and PayHero.

What happens when I do the migration?

Only the Admin user of your FlexiTime Payroll account can complete the migration. When you migrate we’ll create a new PayHero account and copy your data across. The username will be your FlexiTime Contact Email and the password will be your current FlexiTime Payroll password. There’s no company code in PayHero.

Once the migration is complete we’ll send you some information about what to check in your new account. Over the next couple of weeks we’ll email you some helpful tips and links to help you get started with PayHero.

Your FlexiTime Payroll account will be unaffected by the migration. FlexiTime Payroll and PayHero are different products so when you enter data into PayHero it won’t change anything in FlexiTime and vice versa.

What if I already have a PayHero account?

If a PayHero account already exists with a matching company name, we’ll check whether that account is associated with your FlexiTime Contact Email address. If so, the migration will override the settings and employees in that account with the details from your FlexiTime account. If not, we’ll create a separate company account during the migration.

What will I need to set up in PayHero?

Most of your data and settings will come across from FlexiTime. However, you will need to:

  • Double check the Work Pattern setup for each employee. This will be brought over from FlexiTime but needs to be checked as it’s extremely important for accurately determining your employees’ leave entitlements.
  • Invite your employees to PayHero (so they can submit timesheets, leave requests and expenses in the new PayHero mobile app).
  • Set up any reports you want (we can help you with this!).
  • Connect PayHero to IRD and Xero (once you’ve decided to use PayHero instead of FlexiTime Payroll).

This support article gives you a detailed breakdown of everything you need to check after the migration.

How much does PayHero cost?

There are three pricing plans for PayHero and you can see the details on our pricing page.

I’m using rostering in FlexiTime - how do I upgrade?

FlexiTime rostering users can upgrade to Droppah + PayHero to retain the integration between employee scheduling, time tracking and payroll.

There’s a bit more involved in moving to Droppah + PayHero and we highly recommend you book a call with our team asap to discuss the best approach and to get this process underway.

The first step is to migrate your FlexiTime account data to PayHero and confirm a few settings. When you’re ready to go, a lot of your Droppah account setup will flow through from PayHero when you turn on the integration.

See our support article for step-by-step instructions.

Can I keep using FlexiTime Payroll?

We strongly recommend that you move to PayHero, but you can continue to use FlexiTime Payroll. We’ll be removing a number of legacy features in 2021. FlexiTime Payroll will be kept up-to-date with legislative changes, but otherwise our development effort will be focused on our new products.

Where can I go for more information?

For everything you need to know before migrating to PayHero visit this support article. For a detailed breakdown of everything you need to check after migrating visit this support article.

If you would like to get in touch with us simply email or schedule a call with one of our payroll specialists.