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FlexiTime Payroll

Basic desktop payroll software with timesheets & leave.

Online payroll that lets you pay your wages quickly and accurately so you can focus on running your business.

Pay your staff in minutes
FlexiTime Payroll automatically calculates pay and holidays from online timesheets and work patterns. PAYE, KiwiSaver, student loans, ACC and all other deductions are worked out for you. It’s fast, easy, accurate and stress free.

Zero touch payday filing
Put your feet up and enjoy automated payday filing compliance. Just connect your FlexiTime Payroll account to myIR and we’ll send the required tax details to Inland Revenue after every pay day.

Take the pain out of compliance
Relax with the knowledge that you’re compliant with the Holidays Act, tax laws and recordkeeping requirements. Updates are automatically applied so there are no downloads or time consuming updates required - just business as usual.

Timesheets & Leave Management
The best way to record hours worked and manage leave for your employees.

Track hourly work with ease
Experience the joy of smart time tools combined with payroll. Let employees record hours against different work and cost centres with online & mobile timesheets. Your team’s timesheets and leave go straight into your payroll for maximum accuracy and ease.

Simplified leave management
Manage employee leave easily and accurately and pay the right amount every time. FlexiTime Payroll gives you and your staff all the info required to keep track of balances and submit and manage leave requests online.

Automated public holiday calculations
We’ll save you the paperwork, manual calculations and headaches after public holidays. FlexiTime Payroll uses timesheet history to automatically determine whether a public holiday is an otherwise working day for an employee and calculates their entitlements accordingly.

Inland Revenue | Payday Filing Available Now | FlexiTime Payroll

Payday Filing - Zero touch payday filing, sorted with FlexiTime Payroll.


Time & Attendance

Ensure all shifts are covered and your staff are paid accurately
with rosters & the SHiFT photo time clock.

Photo clock in and out
Increase the accuracy of your wage bill by paying staff for the hours they really work.

Start shifts with a selfie
No more timesheet stress. Record exact clock in and clock out times with the photo time clock for fast, accurate payroll.

Roster the right staff at the right times
Create, edit & view rosters quickly and easily to ensure you’ve got all shifts covered and closely manage your wage costs.

Visibility of who's onsite
Get a head start on the health & safety requirements of your business by always having a record of who’s currently working at any given time.

Roster the right staff at the right times
Ensure you’ve got all shifts covered and closely manage your wage costs with integrated scheduling, time & attendance and payroll.

Create your roster
Build your weekly roster from saved templates. Email staff members their shifts.

Clock in and out
Capture exact time worked with the Photo Time Clock app.

Pay your staff
Create a pay in minutes from online timesheets and email payslips to staff.

Quick and easy

Save historical timesheets as templates for creating a new roster. Build your rosters from saved templates and drag and drop to edit as required.

Communicate shifts

Once you’ve published your roster, email each employee their shifts for the week with a couple of clicks.

Full coverage

Set up different departments or job functions and colour code them on your roster for quick role identification. Easily see that you’ve got all positions covered each day.

Manage by department

Give your managers access to create their own rosters for different departments. Filter rosters to view a single employee or area of work.

Manage your staff costs

View the labour cost for the week. Compare wage costs with estimated revenue each business day, ensuring you never go over budget.

See variances to rostered time

Compare rosters to actual time worked each week so you can manage any unexplained variances.

Hour-by-hour view of staffing

View a head count chart showing the number of employees rostered each hour. Ensure you have the right number of people to cover busy and quiet periods.

Eliminate unplanned overtime

Set a strict roster start time so employees are only paid for their rostered hours and don’t clock up unplanned overtime if they clock in early.

Add Time & Attendance for an additional $2 per employee per month.

Small Business payroll with all the tools you need

Employee Access

Give your employees access to enter timesheets, review payslips and request leave. Fully transparent holiday and leave balances make it fair for everyone.

Xero Integration | FlexiTime Payroll

Powerful Xero Integration

Automatically send your payroll transactions to Xero to balance your books. Assign wage costs to different account codes or tracking categories.

NZ Owned & Operated

We're a proudly Kiwi company (we sometimes even wear jandals to work). When you contact us by phone or email, you'll talk to someone in Wellington. Sweet!

Integrated Time & Attendance

Manage rostering, time tracking and payroll in a single system. No data entry, more accurate payroll and more time to spend on other things.

Safe & Secure

With FlexiTime payroll software your data is safely stored and backed up every night (via bank-level security).

Free & Automatic Updates

FlexiTime Payroll is always up to date with the latest legislation so you’ll never need to pay for or load another software update.

Expert Customer Care

Our team of payroll specialists have years of experience and will help you navigate the ins and outs of complex NZ payroll requirements.

Peace of Mind

Automatically email company-branded payslips to employees and send payday filing information to IRD without lifting a finger.


Set up different pay cycles, multiple pay rates, a combination of salaried and waged staff, commission, bonuses, loans and more.

Need more from your payroll? Check out PayHero, our premium payroll solution.


FlexiTime Payroll integrates with other best-of-breed software applications so you can create a powerful ecosystem for managing employee time, payroll and accounts.

Xero Integration | FlexiTime Payroll


FlexiTime | Basic payroll software for small businesses

Basic payroll software for small businesses

Monthly Pricing


+ $20 account fee


Automated Payday Filing

Employee Leave


Photo Time Clock & Rosters *

Start 30 Day Free Trial

* Add the Time & Attendance add-on for an additional $2 per employee per month

Employee Conversion Service
There is an employee conversion service available if you would like an expert to transfer your employee and leave data from your current payroll system into FlexiTime Payroll. Email our support team at support@flexitime.co.nz for more details.

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