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Social Enterprise

Dignity established themselves in early 2017 as a women’s wellbeing initiative, supporting both young school girls and corporate women through a buy one, give one model. Dignity packs, which include Organic Initiative sanitary items, are subscribed to by corporate businesses such as ANZ, Xero and Cigna.

The Dignity packs are then made available for the female employees of these companies, while also being donated to girls in secondary schools who are in need. Founders Miranda Hitchings and Jacinta Gulasekharam, wanted to incorporate ethical practices that unite businesses, individuals and the community to create a hopeful future for women’s wellbeing.

Dignity is still a young enterprise, with only 4 employees. It’s a part-time role for Jacinta and Miranda, and they know that since they only have 5-10 hours to work on Dignity per week, every minute counts. When FlexiTime launched Payday Filing capabilities in April 2018, Dignity was one of the first businesses to jump onboard.

“FlexiTime is the most advanced and easy to use payroll system that I’ve seen. It was also really easy to set up as a new customer.”

Payday filing is an IRD initiative that requires employers to file their PAYE information after each pay run, rather than the old process where it would be filed only once a month. “We’ve been doing Payday Filing since May 2018 and the great thing is that it’s completely automated so you don’t have to think about it! It lets us focus on the things that really matter. There’s no point burdening yourself with a process that FlexiTime can already do for you.”


“FlexiTime has been around for so long and is on the leading edge of automated processes. They were the first payroll company in New Zealand to launch payday filing, but despite being an early adopter, I definitely trusted that they had done their testing and knew what they were doing,” Miranda says. “It does exactly what I expected it to do.”


“When we first started paying staff we had to file our IRD returns manually each month by downloading the IR345 and IR348 from our payroll system and navigating through myIR to enter it in.” For Miranda, that process felt like a bit of a pain. “It never really made sense and would take up too much time each month for one simple job!”


We asked Dignity what their favourite features are with FlexiTime. “We love the mobile app. It means we can record time and keep track of our hours on the go. We also love the Xero integration – it makes thing really easy and transparent. And thirdly, payday filing,” they say. As a small business, they need to use their limited time smartly, Miranda says. “It removes an administrative task which frees us up to focus important business activities that will actually generate sales, revenue and make an impact.”

Company: Dignity

Website: dignitynz.com

Industry: Social Enterprise

Customer since: March 2018

Team size: 4

Why FlexiTime?

  • Automatically calculates and files PAYE information each pay period
  • Trusted service with a loyal customer base
  • Reliable support team
  • Employee Mobile App for recording time and keeping track of hours when out of office
  • 100% compliant with NZ law
  • Xero Integration