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September 24, 2010

Robert Owen

CEO at FlexiTime

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We’re always listening to our customers and working on improving the way FlexiTime works. This weeks release has some nice changes to make life a bit easier.

When you create a new pay you can now specify that you don’t want all the employees with the selected pay frequency automatically added to the pay. When you’ve got lots of employees but want to process a pay for just one of them it was a bit of a drag to have to remove all the other employees. Now you don’t have to, just uncheck the box labelled Add Employees to Pay when adding the pay and FlexiTime will create an empty pay for you all ready to start adding the employees you need to the pay.

For companies that create a lot of different work but don’t want your employees to see all the work, just the work that has been assigned to them, you can now check the box labelled Job Limited Selection on the Maintain Work screen. If this is checked then an employee will only see that work when adding time if they have been assigned a job related to that work. This is a great feature for recruitment companies, each job becomes an employee assignment for a client. When they add time they only see the work they have been assigned.

The selection of Work, Category and Job has been made easier. If only one option is available this is automatically selected. This combined with the above option to limit work to only jobs assigned now means that in a lot of cases the employee only needs to select the work and the category and job are automatically selected for them.

Robert Owen

CEO at FlexiTime

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