New Small Business plan and simplified pricing for all

FlexiTime Blog Small Business Plan Release

New Small Business plan and simplified pricing for all

Small Business payroll made easy

Today we’ve launched a new Small Business payroll plan to make payroll compliance easier and more affordable for business owners.

The Small Business plan costs $10 a month plus $1 per employee and is available to companies with a maximum of 10 employees that are signed up to the FlexiTime PAYE Service.

Like most New Zealand employers, FlexiTime is a small, locally owned business, so we understand the ever-increasing compliance obligations and costs that companies are being asked to absorb.

We want to buck that trend and make payroll compliance simple and affordable for all.

PAYE filing is one repetitive monthly administrative obligation that can easily be outsourced. As your PAYE Agent, FlexiTime will ensure that PAYE payments and IRD reporting obligations are automatically taken care of and that you’ll never be charged penalty fees for missed payments.

We’re able to provide the Small Business plan at such a competitive price point thanks to a government subsidy that encourages small businesses to outsource their PAYE compliance to registered intermediaries.

We believe that the comprehensive feature set and pricing makes our Small Business plan by far the best value payroll offering available in New Zealand. By reducing complexity and removing an unnecessary compliance task, we’re helping employers free up their time to focus on growing their business.


Simplified pricing for all

At the same time we’re taking the opportunity to simplify all of our pricing plans. From today both the Shift and Billing plans will include payroll. The prices remain the same.

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Robert Owen

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