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December 6, 2011
Rob | FlexiTime Resource Author

Robert Owen

CEO at FlexiTime

This week we’ve added a much requested feature to invoicing in FlexiTime – emailing invoices. We’ve taken the opportunity to also make invoice printing and sending to Xero a lot simpler as well. Now, instead of having buttons on the invoice for finalise, print and time audit report we now just have a single Send button on the Billing screen.

You select the invoices you want to send and click the Send button. The Send Options window then asks if you want to –

  • Print

  • Email

  • Include Time Report

  • Create Invoices in Xero

  • Mark as Sent

Include time report attaches a detailed time report to the invoice for all time included in the invoice, with description level detail from time entries. It also shows a complete time approval audit log.

As you can see we’ve also got rid of finalising invoices and instead have adopted a similar concept from Xero – mark as sent. When an invoice is marked as sent the work invoice totals are updated and the invoice no longer shows by default on the Billing screen. To show sent invoices simply enter a date range encompassing the invoice date and click Refresh.

You can now also resend your invoice to Xero, although because you can’t have two invoices in Xero with the same number you will need to make sure the invoice is deleted from Xero before resending it.

Best of all you can email invoices to clients automatically. An invoice is emailed to the billing email address of the client, unless the work invoice detail level is selected as Invoice per Job, in which case the invoice is sent to the client contact approver email address. As for printing you can also specify to include the time report with the invoices if required.

Rob | FlexiTime Resource Author

Robert Owen

CEO at FlexiTime

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