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Roast Beef

May 2, 2014
Sam | FlexiTime Resource Author


Payroll expert at FlexiTime

I had to explain a joke to my 7 year old son the other day. Explained jokes are never as funny, however once Louis got his head around it, he rather liked it. The joke was:

What’s the difference between roast beef and pea soup?


A common question we get is what’s the difference between FlexiTime and other payroll systems. Everyone, it seems, can do payroll. We think we do payroll particularly well. Our tax calculations are spot on, our leave handling is fully compliant, and FlexiTime is really user friendly. But that’s no different to what everyone else will say about their payroll solutions.

What we are making our point of difference (as our name suggests) is Time. We’ll always attract payroll customers because we have a great payroll product, but where we are aiming to lead is in capturing employee time information and making as much use of it as we can.


We’ve got a great suite of tools for capturing time:


We’re focusing a lot of our energy on adding new capture methods and super-charging those already there. Capturing the time is so often the hard part. Once that step is done FlexiTime can use that time in a variety of ways. Generating invoices to on-charge the time, productivity reporting, and of course, running your payroll using that time.

That’s what makes FlexiTime different.


And the punchline: Everyone can roast beef.

Sam | FlexiTime Resource Author


Payroll expert at FlexiTime

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