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July 12, 2011
Rob | FlexiTime Resource Author

Robert Owen

CEO at FlexiTime

Recently we’ve been doing some fine tuning of FlexiTime to enable Kinetic Recruitment to roll out FlexiTime to their staff and clients. You’ve probably seen that many of the recent releases have involved recruitment functions such as client approval, buyer created invoices for contractors, invoice audit reporting and timesheet printing.

I find it hard to believe that some businesses are still using fax machines, one of my favourite and well worn jokes is –

“Where are you faxing that to, 1980?”


We were a little surprised when we heard from Kinetic that some of their clients needed to retain the existing system of paper-based timesheets signed by the manager and faxed to the Kinetic administrators. We did understand, however, that when rolling out a new system to hundreds of businesses and people that not all would be willing to change the current processes and procedures that they implement in their business.

No problem, we quickly added a print time sheet option that a staff member can use to print out the time sheet for the week and hand to their manager for signing.

Other clients were a little resistant when they were told that they would be invoiced for staff time approved on-line by the client manager. To alleviate any concerns we developed an invoice audit report that shows all time entries that make up an invoice, all client approvals for those time entries and a complete log of approval changes made by both the client and Kinetic administrative staff.


Some of the other cool things we’ve added recently are alerts to staff and clients by email or txt triggered by changes to the job assignment next action. Set the next action to Client Approval and the client manager receives an email requesting that they approve the time for the week. Once approved the next action automatically changes to Administration so that Kinetic staff know exactly who they need to chase up when they arrive at work on Monday morning.

We also improved our client management pages and now you can add multiple client contacts per client and have different people in an organisation approving the time for different temp staff.

We think we now have a recruitment timesheetspayroll and client billing system that is second to none. If you’re interested in a demonstration of FlexiTime to see the benefits for recruitment businesses please contact us.

Rob | FlexiTime Resource Author

Robert Owen

CEO at FlexiTime

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