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NZ Payslip Template – How we do payslips at FlexiTime

June 23, 2020


Marketer at FlexiTime

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Believe it or not, New Zealand employers are under no specific legal obligation to provide a payslip to their staff. Yes, you read that right.

However, employees do have the legal right to see information about how their employer has worked out their wages and to see time records relating to their hours of work.

So even though they don’t have to, the vast majority of employers do provide electronic or paper payslips to their staff each pay day. And why wouldn’t you? It’s an easy way to give your employees a warm fuzzy. Everyone loves getting paid!

PayHero's employee access feature allows employees to submit timesheets, request leave, claim expenses and view & download their payslips with ease.

While the law doesn’t specify what information needs to be included on a payslip in NZ, we’ve got a tried and tested payslip template here at FlexiTime that is used to pay tens of thousands of employees across New Zealand every week.


Here’s an example payslip from PayHero that shows our standard template:



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There are some things that you’ll definitely want to include:

  • Employee’s name

  • IRD number

  • Annual salary / hourly rate

  • Pay date and pay period

  • Salary and wages received for the pay period

  • Tax code and details of any other deductions made (PAYE, student loan, KiwiSaver, child care deductions etc)

  • Leave balances

There is some ability to customise payslips in PayHero. You can add your company logo and customise the email message that is sent to employees with their payslip, or add notes to a specific employee’s payslip.

You can also choose which leave balances you show. We recommend showing annual leave available. This includes any leave accrued in advance. It’s the balance most useful to employees, but assumes that you are happy for your staff to take leave as they accrue it rather than wait until they become entitled to it after 12 months.

While anyone can use this payslip template, generating payslips from a payroll software like PayHero, which emails payslips to staff automatically, is the easiest and most efficient way.


Marketer at FlexiTime

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