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Connect Your Systems With FlexiTime’s NZ Payroll API

April 20, 2017
Connect Your Systems With FlexiTime’s NZ Payroll API | Blog
Jake | FlexiTime Resource Author



Our API (Application Programming Interface) lets other software communicate directly with FlexiTime.

APIs provide a simple and effective way to transfer data between cloud software systems. An API is how we integrate with our software partners like Xero, MYOB and WorkflowMax. We also provide an API so other applications like MyHR and Invoxy can integrate with us, and so our customers can develop custom integrations with other systems they already use.

There are a lot of benefits of cloud software, but the ability to seamlessly send information to and from unrelated systems via APIs is probably the biggest enabler of business automation and productivity gains.


NZ Payroll API

The FlexiTime API lets you create employees, clients, work and jobs and send timesheet entries to FlexiTime, or to pull timesheet data into other systems for management reporting. As is the de facto standard for external APIs, the FlexiTime API is a RESTful web service.

Some of our largest customers are already saving a huge amount of time and eliminating double data entry by connecting their software with FlexiTime’s payroll API, including:

  • A hospitality group in the North Island with 18 establishments that sends timesheet entries to FlexiTime from their point of sale system where employees clock in and out.

  • A nationwide real estate firm with over a hundred franchise offices that transfers sales commission data from their real estate software to FlexiTime for payroll calculations.

  • A recruitment company with over 2,000 contract and temporary employees that enters new candidates and placements into their recruitment CRM system. That automatically sends through new employees, clients and jobs and updates existing ones so they can manage timesheets, payroll and billing out of FlexiTime.

  • A retail chain that sends staff cost data from FlexiTime to their management reporting system to compare hourly staff costs against sales across their different stores.

  • A large childcare and nanny services organisation that sends through timesheet entries from their custom built time and attendance system.


There’s much more to come soon, with our next generation API release including employee leave, timesheet approval requests, pay codes and even the ability to run pays from other systems.

We’ll let you know when that’s ready to go, but in the meantime, our API documentation is available to review. If you can see the potential of connecting to our API and would like to get your developers to begin work on a custom integration, please contact our support team by emailing

Jake | FlexiTime Resource Author



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