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New features and improvements – making FlexiTime better… stronger… faster

September 19, 2014
Sam | FlexiTime Resource Author


Payroll expert at FlexiTime

You probably don’t realise it, but our team of tech whizzes are constantly releasing changes and updates behind the scenes. Why? Because we want to make FlexiTime the best damn payroll and workforce management software you’ve ever laid eyes on.

Many of the changes you won’t notice. There will be a tweak here and a twiddle there, helping make FlexiTime “better than it was before – better…stronger…faster“.

Sometimes we’ll knock out a major release that introduces significant new features. We recently had a release that added some great new functionality for recruitment companies. In the near future we’ll be working on a big payslip release. But in between these big ticket items we’re always striving to improve FlexiTime.

This week we released another release (too many releases??). Among the changes were a couple of features originally scheduled for the payslip release, but due to popular demand we’ve brought them forward.

You can now control whether payslip lines have the quantity and rate shown. Previously they were shown for gross earnings, but not for other types. For Salaried employees you can now stop the hours from showing on the salary line, and if you have an allowance such as mileage you can choose to show the quantity and rate. Edit the pay code to change this setting.

You can also remove the YTD column from the payslips. This setting is found under Setup -> Company Settings -> Payslips. This is useful if you’re converting from another system and haven’t entered the tax year-to-date figures. These figures aren’t used in any other way in FlexiTime – they’re just information for the employee.

We’ll keep you updated with details of the great refinements we’re making to FlexiTime in this blog, in newsletters and via social media.

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Note: Apologies if, like our marketing guy, you are under the age of 35 and the Six Million Dollar Man reference went over your head.

Sam | FlexiTime Resource Author


Payroll expert at FlexiTime

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