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September 30, 2015
Jake | FlexiTime Resource Author


Marketer at FlexiTime

We’ve just released a brand new version of our mobile time tracking app… again.

I know it was only a couple of months ago that we redesigned the app and made big user experience improvements. But, that little taste only served to get our team of designers and developers excited about how much more we could do.

So, we’ve pretty much overhauled the whole thing again. And we’re bloody proud of the latest version.

As well as looking pretty damn tasty, we’ve added two brand new features that are going to rock your socks.




Employees can now plan their tasks and record time with a To Do list. They can enter a list of tasks that are linked to types of Work in FlexiTime. When they start and finish a task they simply start and stop the timer and the time entry flows through to FlexiTime. Once a task is complete, they can tick it off the list.




The biggest development is the new My Team function. This allows a manager or a foreman to clock their entire team in and out of shifts from their mobile device.

Say you run a building or painting business and have teams working at various sites. Now the on-site manager can accurately record the hours each employee works and you can pay them to the minute.

One of our big points of difference to the many other NZ payroll software companies is that we integrate online timesheets with payroll.

To us, payroll is payroll. With any good payroll system if you input the right numbers and apply the relevant rules you should end up paying people the right amount.

We think the hard part is getting employee time into your payroll system and FlexiTime’s goal is to make that easier for you. We dream of a future where no one has to complete or collect paper timesheets, re-enter unnecessary data or pay employees for time they didn’t actually work.

This latest version of our payroll mobile app takes us another step closer to that vision.

Jake | FlexiTime Resource Author


Marketer at FlexiTime

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