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Making tax easier – a Government consultation

June 16, 2010

Robert Owen

CEO at FlexiTime

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The Government is consulting on changes to the way businesses and taxpayers deal with Inland Revenue. Proposed changes would make it easier for businesses to manage their tax obligations online and reduce compliance costs.

The Government is seeking New Zealanders’ opinions of the proposals before any changes are made. Feedback is invited through a public online forum and formal discussion document.

Proposed changes would mean simpler PAYE and tax returns, better online services provided by Inland Revenue, less re-work, and reduced business compliance costs. New payroll software would take care of routine PAYE compliance tasks, and tax information could be sent directly between Inland Revenue systems and business payroll software, at times that suit business.

The consultation includes proposals to share information with other government departments, to make it easier for employers and their staff where people are swapping employment, going on parental leave or managing child support.

Strategic partnerships between software developers and Inland Revenue are also proposed, to support software developers to develop and improve tax-related software products for their clients.

You can influence how tax processes might work in the future by viewing and commenting on the proposals. Videos and stories on the site show differences between dealing with Inland Revenue now and what the future could hold.

The forum will remain open until 23 July 2010.

Robert Owen

CEO at FlexiTime

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