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How to generate loyalty through a better customer experience

January 29, 2015
Jake | FlexiTime Resource Author


Marketer at FlexiTime

Customer loyalty is important. You already know that. But do you realise just how important it is?

Typically about 20% of your customers can be considered loyal. They love your product offering and keep coming back for more. Those 20% of customers generate about 70% of your sales.

Neilsen estimates that businesses can boost profits by almost 100% by retaining just 5% more of their customers.

So how do you turn new customers into long term, repeat customers? Obviously it starts with great service and creating a delightful customer experience. One way to super charge that is with a smart loyalty program.


For FlexiTime customer United Sweets“it’s all about the customer”. They know better than most how important loyalty is and have built their business around it.

United Sweets use smart software to create a great customer experience. On the customer facing side of things, Collect and Vend allow them to create a personalised in-store experience and make targeted offers to their customers.


Behind the scenes they use FlexiTime payroll software and Xero to reduce their admin time and give them “more time to work on the business, not in the business”.

When it comes to loyalty and marketing software, there’s nothing better than CollectGet 50% off 3 months on Collect with coupon code: SWEET50.

Jake | FlexiTime Resource Author


Marketer at FlexiTime

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