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June 16, 2010

Robert Owen

CEO at FlexiTime

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The government consultation – Making tax easier – proposes changes to make PAYE easier:

New payroll software would take care of routine PAYE compliance tasks, and tax information could be sent directly between Inland Revenue systems and business payroll software, at times that suit business.

An Application Programming Interface (API) that allows us to transfer data automatically to Inland Revenue would be sweet. At the moment you download the Employer Monthly Schedule file and then log into the ir-File website and upload the file to IRD. With an API this would all be done by FlexiTime automatically like we do with your Xero payroll invoices.

Now all we need is for banks to join the game and let us create draft direct credit batches in your online banking system.

In the meantime, as a registered IRD intermediary, you can outsource your PAYE filing to FlexiTime so you’ve got one fewer compliance task to worry about.

Robert Owen

CEO at FlexiTime

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