Department of Labour Likes FlexiTime’s Approach

Department of Labour Likes FlexiTime’s Approach

FlexiTime recently received a phone call from a client of another payroll company, concerned that her current system was not allowing her access to average daily pay information required under the Holidays Amendment Act 2010. The legislation, which became law in April this year states:

“…Where an employee’s daily pay varies within the pay period when the holiday or leave falls then you may use average daily pay”.

Calculating average pay can only be done if the actual days worked have been recorded, a process often neglected by other systems. FlexiTime’s flexible payroll system includes graphical timesheets, which not only records days worked, but makes calculating daily average pay easy for the user who simply clicks the ‘use average daily pay’ button on the pay line. A Department of Labour inspector agreed that the FlexiTime approach is best.

Ease of use will always be a priority for the FlexiTime team. Switching to FlexiTime is simple and our team can help by importing your payroll history into our system. To experience the benefits of FlexiTime, register today for a free 30 day trial.


Robert Owen

Founder & CEO of FlexiTime.

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