Powerful client approval and billing software

With FlexiTime’s Billing plan you can quickly generate detailed and customised client invoices from the hours entered by your employees online or on their mobile device.

This plan also includes: Payroll

1. Enter timesheets

Contractors & employees record hours & expenses for different projects or work.

2. Approve Time

Once time is approved, create your invoices and email them to clients instantly.

3. Invoice your clients

Using the same time entries for accuracy, pay your contractors or employees for their hours.

Flexible online invoicing

Simple, yet powerful, client invoicing where you have complete control. Set your billing parameters and the information you want to display. Email direct to clients for faster payment.

FlexiTime Billing invoice

Define invoice details

You have full control over the payment terms and narrations on your invoices. Invoice by employee, work or client. Customise invoices by adding your branding.

Client approval in one click

Clients can approve timesheet entries in a single click from an email. Or you can give them log in access to FlexiTime to view and approve time entries from multiple employees.

Understand your profitability

View your labour costs and margins on different jobs. Essential information for running your business.

Generate invoices into Xero

Create accounts receivable invoices in Xero from the time entered into FlexiTime. Use Xero tracking categories to analyse job profitability. Easy export to other accounting systems.

Job tracking

Easily set up new jobs to bill your time against. Assign jobs to an employee or company-wide. Employees will only be able to enter time against jobs they have been assigned.

Staff can enter hours on the go

Employees can enter their hours and request timesheet approval from FlexiTime Mobile wherever they are.

Dashboard reporting

Use FlexiTime’s powerful report centre to see your best performing employees, most profitable clients or create other tailored reports.

No accidental double charging

Once you have invoiced a client the timesheet entries will be flagged as invoiced so you never invoice twice for the same work.

On-charge expenses

Record expenses in FlexiTime as you go and apply them to the relevant invoices.

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